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Personnel Education Center AGENDA
Seminars & Trainings
for Professional & Personal Development

Training Issues

Pedagogy, human rights, social care

Seminars and Trainings Offered:

  • Asperger Syndrome. Diagnostic Criteria and Pedagogical Problem Solving.
  • Rights, Obligations, Safety and Responsibilities of a Child. Fundamental Teaching at Educational Establishments for Schoolchildren.
  • Preventative Activities in the Child Rights’ Protection sphere
  • Training Programme on Child’s Rights Protection for Specialists of State and Local Governmental Institutions
  • Education Complex for Workers of Youth & Teenager Centres
  • Psychological Aspects in the Work of Bodyguards, Policemen and Border Guards
  • Care, Specifics and Safety at Work with Clients Suffering from Mental Disorders.
  • Psychological Profiling and Specifics of Work with People Suffering from Mental Disorders
  • Development of Creative Thinking and Skills for Efficient Dealing With Problems
  • Emotional Upbringing of Children
  • Topical Problems Related to Drug Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Development of Talented Thinking

Translations of seminar descriptions are available on request.


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