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Personnel Education Center AGENDA
Seminars & Trainings
for Professional & Personal Development

Training Issues

Laws, Regulations and Record Keeping

Seminars and Trainings Offered:

  • Practical Application of the Labour Law
  • Application of the Labour Law and Judiciary Law to Notice of Termination of the Employment Contract
  • Management of Personnel Documents
  • Labour Regulations as Employees’Labour Code
  • Law on Salaries for State and Local Government Officials and Employees
  • Issues of Teachers’Employment in the Context of Regulatory Acts
  • Labour Protection as an Investment into the Future of a Company
  • When and how to Draw up a Formal Act on an On-job Casualty?
  • Different Aspects of the Administrative Procedure and its Specifics at an Enterprise
  • Issues of Legal Labour Relations

Translations of seminar descriptions are available on request.


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