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Project “Let’s Find and Use Your Creativity”

Nordplus Adult



2012 – 2014

The main aim of the project is development of a new training concept – working out the guidelines, training and teaching materials to be used for training and instructing representatives of professions in which creativity is an essential component of their work, and for other people who are interested in developing their creativity to add to their innovative and creative thinking. This will improve the training quality and trainees’ ability to create new, innovative products of intellectual activity and make their working process and its results more efficient.

The method is based on collecting knowledge and good practice of the project partners’ organizations and other experts in this field. It also includes a training course for a pilot group to test efficiency of the new training concept, the training materials and the guidelines created.

Project partners:

  • SIA “PAC Agenda” (Latvia) – project coordinator
  • Partnerlus MTÜ (Estonia)
  • Creavit Media Osk (Finland)

Materials Created during the Project:

Fundamentals of Talented Thinking

Fundamentals of Talented Thinking. Training Tasks.

Creativity in Adult Training

Creating Environment for Self – actualization. Beginning of the Way.

Creative environment for the actualization of children (As we have used TRIZ in developing television game for children)

Video trainings:


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